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Midnight Releasing

Brain Damage Films, and its newest label addition, Midnight Releasing, has been one of the largest and most respected Independent horror film distributors in the world since it was established in 2001. Our library of over 300+ indie horror, thriller, paranormal, sci-fi, and Reality/Shock films has been unparalleled in size and we are always growing! Brain Damage Films has a loyal fan base from all around the world who know and appreciate our films. We like to call them: Gorehounds. Do you have a lust for graphic, bloody depictions of death or violence? How about the “three B’s” (Boobs, Beasts, and Blood)? Maybe you’re a connoisseur of shot-on-video, low-budget horror or an earnest filmmaker working your way up to direct the next Saw or Friday the 13th? If any of these descriptions sound familiar, you might be a Gorehound! Enjoy our films, if you dare!

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