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Are you sick and tired of hearing the same music all over again? Then you should try FavoriteFM. FavoriteFM is a radiostation based in Bucharest, Romania, but you can hear them all over the world! Of course FavoriteFM plays the biggest hits from now, but FavoriteFM also likes to impress you with the newest releases and songs you didn’t even know they exist! This station has the best deejays worldwide playing top40, hits, dance, Romanian music and deephouse. Did you know FavoriteFM even has it’s own EDM show and live mixes?

“Your station, your songs!”, is this station it’s slogan. That’s why you can request your own songs during live shows, and FavoriteFM will play it within 15 minutes. That’s a pretty sweet deal! The sun always shines when you have tuned in to FavoriteFM.com!

Click here to listen to FavoriteFM now.

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