Sunset Range (1935)

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Directed by: May McCarey
Grant hides stolen money in the luggage of Bonnie Shea who is moving west. Later when he and his men arrive to retrieve the money, they also kidnap Bonnie. This sends Reasonin’ Bates and his cowhands on their horses after the gangsters in their cars.
Runtime: 60 min

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Comments (5)

  1. wilson says:

    Great western if you are a lover of old west movies when good guys wore white hats, bad guys wore black hats,and there were good morals. This had just enough old home comedy tp keep ot from being boring. Great for the time period. Hoot Gibson was the first of the Home spun hero’s.

  2. hoot gibson says:

    these old movies stick every few seconds fix this crap

  3. Peter Kobal says:

    Just great, I enjoyed it very much. Brings back the good old days when movies where made for entertainment.

  4. Peter Kobal says:

    This is my second go round and I still enjoyed the picture.

  5. John Wayne says:

    Good old fashion western movie.

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