Fighting Trooper (1934)

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A gang of night-riding marauders are terrorizing the Canadian Northwest, robbing miners, trappers and businesses, and also kill a Sergeant of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Trooper Burke volunteers to go undercover and see if he can put an end to the lawlessness, supposedly led by a man named Andre LaFarge. Posing as a lumberjack, Burke gets close to the gang, but complications arise when he falls in live with LaFarge’s sister, Diana.
Runtime: 61 min

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  1. Dan Sweet says:

    An enjoyable Northern. 🙂 Kermit Maynard didn’t have his brother Ken’s charisma (or a horse like Tarzan) but starred in some fun movies before settling into a long career as a character actor.
    One of the most enjoyable aspects of the movie was seeing all those long time ‘B’ Western supporting actors (usually as villains) yet again. Charles King got heavier as time went on (don’t we all!) & this is one of the rare occasions I’ve seen him look downright skinny.
    Thanks for making this movie available.

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