Texas to Bataan (1942)

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Directed by: Robert Emmett Tansey
n the 17th of the 24 films in Monogram’s “Range Buster” series, Texas ranch owner Conroy (Steve Clark) returns from Washington with an order for horses to be shipped to the Philippines. The Range Busters, Dusty (John King), Davy (David Sharpe) and Alibi (Max Terhune), are selected to take the horses there but, before leaving, they capture three spies who are trying to steal the horses and also learn that the ranch cook, Cookie (Escolastico Baucin), is a Japanese spy, but he manages to escape. In the Philippines, they go to a cafe for dinner and see Cookie and Miller, a German spy. Eavesdropping, they learn that Ken Richards (Frank Ellis), a neighboring Texas rancher, is the Axis contact back in the states. They capture Cookie and break up the spy ring in the Phillipines, and then return to Texas intent on settling matters with Richards. They do so and are honored by the U.S. Government just as the radio blares forth the December 7, 1941 announcement of the Pearl Harbor bombing. They head for the nearest enlistment station.
Runtime: 56 min

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  1. Peter Kobal says:

    Nice and simple the way western movies should be, Action with humor and music on top of it.,

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