Clipped Wings (1937)

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Directed by: Stuart Paton
Mickey Lofton (William Janney), young half-brother of famed war-aviator Jerry (Lloyd Hughes), fails in his attempt to enter the Canadian Air Corps, because of his fear of thunderstorms developed by an incident in his boyhood days. Jerry, now a Captain in the U. S. Department of Justice, is given an assignment to capture some border oil smugglers. Through his friendship with Raoul McGuire (Jason Robards), one of the suspects, Jerry is accepted as a member of the gang. Mickey is in love with Raoul’s sister, Molly (Rosalind Keith.) Gang leader Moran (Richard Cramer) shoots and wounds Raoul, and is himself shot down by Jerry. Mickey flies Molly and her wounded brother to a hospital. Jerry takes off in another plane to guard Mickey’s craft from a pursuing airplane, and crashes his plane into the gangster’s plane but parachutes to safety.
Runtime: 61 min

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  1. m. gray says:

    videos wouldn’t load — none of them…
    thought you’d want to know

  2. Nancy Cronin says:

    I really wanted to see this movie. Says this video is not available. Some one please let me know when it’s available. Thanks

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