Phantom Express (1932)

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Directed by: Emory Johnson
An engineer at the throttle of a locomotive speeding through a tunnel sees the lights of a train approaching from the other end. Although the signals say the track is clear, he still sees the train’s lights. He grinds the train to a halt, derailing it. He survives, but many passengers are killed. He is fired in disgrace, but sets out to prove his innocence by finding the “phantom express.”
Runtime: 55 min

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  1. JazzyJudy says:

    this is another good movie. i hope the others registered @
    will start leaving comments about these hard to find, not seen before
    b&w classics.

    Also, thanks for the email, you people are swell!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicki says:

    I agree with you. I am really enjoying these movies and I’m so glad I found I don’t even watch regular tv much anymore. Black and White movies from the 30s – 50s are my favorite

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