Windjammer (1937)

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Directed by: Ewing Scott
The fourth and last of the George A. Hirliman-produced films starring George O’Brien (preceded by “Daniel Boone”, “Park Avenue Logger” and “Hollywood Cowboy”) that were distributed by RKO Radio. Hirliman sold O’Brien’s contract to RKO, which then produced 18 series westerns starring O’Brien that ended when O’Brien went into the Navy at the outbreak of WW II. Long-time (past and future) O’Brien director David Howard served as Hirliman’s Associate Producer on this film. “Windjammer” finds O’Brien as a subpoena server ordered to serve a subpoena on Brandon Evans (The Commondore) for a senate inquiry or lose his job. Posing as a playboy, he boards the Commodore’s yacht during a yacht race, and the yacht is wrecked by a gun-running windjammer commanded by Captain Morgan (William Hall.) All hands are picked up by the windjammer, including the Commodore’s daughter (played by Constance Worth, at her blonde, plumpish best) and put to work as galley slaves and such, but it isn’t long before O’Brien starts knocking heads, and making the gun-runners wish they had left him swimming.
Runtime: 57 min

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Comments (5)

  1. bill o'keefe says:

    back then they had to serve the robber baron’s. today they just ignore congress and go skiing in dubai.

    anyone notice all the lines on the ships were made of HEMP.

    this movie was made 1 year before i was born. can you spot nothings changed except the reporters pressed for the truth?

    when will everyong get it? those people in washington don’t give a crap about us. obama will be no different.

    as far as the movie goes i would rather watch this rather than the noise being put out now. good movie. thanks

  2. john says:

    I,v seen many of Geo.O,Brien movies..This is my 1st.of a early movie.His a great actor,and also a veteran..I thank him for his service!

  3. Leornand says:

    Great movie. Good watch. Good Story. All the films I’ve watched on here so far have been brilliant!!!!!! Thank you My Easy TV for providing them.

  4. Peter Kobal says:

    WOW !!!!! they don’t make them like this anymore. Pure entertainment without all the noise.

  5. Alan says:

    abode flash player is blocked

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