Symphony of Living (1935)

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Directed by: Frank R. Strayer
An aging concert violinist ignored by his grown children who becomes a music teacher. His most promising student, with whom he intends to make a comeback, turns out to be his own grandson!
Runtime: 73 min

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Comments (3)

  1. tom says:

    Superb motion picture. Lovable Al Sheen unforgettable. Thank you for making this history available to us.

  2. Leornand says:

    Absolutely brilliant!! What musical talent and great acting too. A must see!!

  3. Lois Payne says:

    I absolutely loved this movie. How his kids could be so selfish and cold Is beyond me but they made wrong choices and suffered for it. So glad to see a second chance in the grandson and how he stayed true to his love of music inherited from his grandfather. It was awesome when he said he chose his grandfather. The music was great.

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