Stoker, The (1932)

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Directed by: Chester M. Franklin
When Dick (Monte Blue), the owner of a large corporation, finds out that the board of directors is about to vote him out of the company he fires back that he’s already got the money from his wife’s estate to buy them out first. While his faithless wife Vera (Natalie Moorehead) is considering how to tell her husband that she is having an affair with their family lawyer. On his arrival at home he finds that his wife has divorce papers in hand and is ready to leave for Paris. From here Dick renounces capitalism and women and takes off for South America as a workman (coal stoker). But a sudden turn of events, in which he gets jailed and he ends up on a below-the-border plantation, where he rescues the pretty owner Margarita (Dorothy Burgess) from the skullduggery of bandit leader Santino (Noah Beery Sr.). In the mean while Margarita has fallen for Dick and tries changing his views on woman. It takes the corrupt Nicaraguan police, a plantation in need of rescue, and a quick rebirth in his value system to finally convince him.
Runtime: 70 min

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Comments (2)

  1. Leornand says:

    Another old great. I loved this one, full of action and a womans charm…..great combination of everything in this one. Oooooh and doesn’t he have a lovely body too lol.

  2. Bill M. says:

    A very entertaining movie, I enjoyed this one very much.

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