Town Went Wild, The (1944)

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Directed by: Ralph Murphy
Feuding fathers deal with the shocking news that their sons were switched at birth, meaning that one of their daughters is about to marry her own brother.
Runtime: 74 min

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Comments (7)

  1. JazzyJudy says:

    I’m a NEEBIE to your website, BUT you do have some great movies.
    This one is a great comedy film. I miss watching Henry Higgins movies,
    BUT in this film he still great actor.
    Keep movies like this one coming to:!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leornand says:

    This was a brilliant comedy! I absolutely loved it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I just love this site the films are soooo good!!!!

  3. krex says:

    the movie is good!! and very hilarious too!! what a situation to be in for the boys!! i thoroughly enjoyed it!! nice movie!! must watch at least 3 times!!

  4. Peter Kobal says:

    WOW ! Another winner. This had action from start to finish and I did not turn my head once for fear of missing any part of the comedy. Comedy at its best. This is what they lost today,, real comedy and entertainment.

  5. Great Movie!Yesteryear was so simple.Wish we could have more of that in this time.Very cute and fun movie.A must watch!

  6. Movie was great! Yesteryear was so simple.Wish we had some of that in these times.A very cute and funny movie.A must see!

  7. Sweet Cheeks says:

    I loved this movie…It reminds me a lot of THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN’S CREEK. different story but yet the same…Very funny….definately a must see for all….

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