Love Island (1952)

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Directed by: Bud Pollard
For Navy pilot Lt. Richard Tabor (Paul Valentine), it was the beginning of an adventure after being stranded on a Balinese island. While relating his story to his friend, the movie moves into a flashback mode where Dick gets to meet the beautiful sarong-swathed Sarna, (Eva Gabor) a Balinese beauty. It was love at first sight for the Sarna and Dick. Displaying the Bali culture, this movie moves onto a cultural show as it shows how the women are married. Praying to the Bali gods, Sarna’s dreams come true when Dick professes his love for her. But all is not well, as bad guy Jaraka (Malcolm Beggs) does not like this arrangement, so he so he has Sarna’s father arrested on a false charge. Jaraka then drops a few subtle suggestions that the old man will never survive his imprisonment unless Sarna marries him. The old man refuses to give his daughter in exchange for his life, which Sarna overhears and unwillingly agrees to marry the evil Jaraka inorder to free her father. Just before the wedding is supposed to take place Sarna gets a surprise gift from one of her friends- an ancient trunk. Just as the wedding procession is on its way, Dick jumps out of the trunk to tell Sarna how much he loves her, and is ready to fight the vicious Jaraka to save her. What ensues is a violent exchange of blows between the hero and villain, and someone’s life is lost in the bargain.
Runtime: 62 min

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