Tarzan and the Green Goddess (1938)

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Directed by: Edward A. Kull
Tarzan goes to Guatemala to find his lost friend, D’Arnot. On the way he helps Major Matling search Mayan ruins for hidden jewels and an idol containing the formula for a powerful explosive. D’Arnot and the idol are rescued, but the latter falls into the clutches of the explorer Raglan.
Runtime: 72 min

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Comments (4)

  1. Greg Palmer says:

    This and the previous one are considered the closest to ERBs concept of Tarzan. would have been even better with a little more money and commitment to quality production. No Cheetah it’s Nikima and it’s a monkey NOT a chimp!!! not quite accurate on the animals but still enjoyable…

  2. Meniskos says:

    Herman Brix (who later changed his screen name to Bruce Bennett) made a redoubtable Tarzan, even though no one matches up to Johnny Weissmuller. I enjoyed seeing the “Guatemalan” rhinos, lions, and imaginatively misplaced animals.

  3. Peter Kobal says:

    Another good one, Scenery look more authentic than the modern versions. Action was well done. I enjoyed this one also.

  4. Pablo soto says:

    I like to each movies

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